Reports suggest that in the UK, we (people of African/Caribbean decent) spend 95% of our money outside of our community?!

If we break the statistics down further, we will see that:

  • 3% of what we do spend within our community is spent with businesses run by black people but not owned by black people, leaving us with only 2% of our income… Only 2%!!!!!!!

This is truly a shocking statistic my brothers and sisters, especially if we want to unite and truly progress further collectively in this society, in this world and in this lifetime.

If you look at Asian, Jewish or Caucasian communities that are thriving, you will notice that they spend a lot of their money within their own community. Their wealth has been passed on to the next generation; a feat which has been taking place for centuries. This enables them to protect and strengthen their collective economic interest as a people.

If WE do not protect and strengthen our economic interest, who will?

Wealth is not everything. However, it has been proven that with it, you will get better educational opportunities and a better environment for your children to develop and go on to become well-functioning members of society.

There are many reasons why our community spends money the way it does. Reasons are not solutions but we can change things. This is something we do have control over. Team Valour are trying to make it as easy as possible to spend its money within our own community.

We want to do this so that our wealth can be passed on to each other.

We want to do this so that, as a united people, we can collectively build for the future.

If you have a black owned business or work for one, Team Valour would like to hear from you. We kindly and actively encourage you to submit your details below. Thanking you in advance.

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