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    Team Valour

    Knowledge is power and by sharing knowledge with each other, our possibilities become endless. What have you read that you would recommend to others?

    Team Valour

    Akala is a huge inspiration to us and we recently came across one of his reading list which we can gratefully share here.

    The last time he did a book list was 2011 and this one is from 2014. So here are some great books that will keep you busy for at least a year.

    The New Jim Crow – Michelle Alexander

    Damning The Flood – Peter Hallward

    Death by Black hole – Neil De Grasse Tyson

    Millennium – Felipe Fernandez Armesto

    When China Rules The World – Martin Jacques

    Assata – Assata Shakur

    Revolutionary Suicide – Huey Newton

    Ready For Revolution – Kwame Ture

    Moses and Monotheism – Sigmund Freud

    Black People In The British Empire – Peter Fryer

    KMT – Ayi Kwei Armah

    The Devil On The Cross – Ngugi Wa Thiongo

    The London Hanged – Peter Linbaugh

    From The Ruins Of Empires – Pankaj Mishra

    An Ordinary Person Guide To Empire – Arundhati Roy

    Black Genesis – Buaval and Brophy

    World Poetry (anthology) – Cliffton Fadiman (general editor)

    Taoist Secrets Of Love – Mantak Chia

    The Eastern Origins Of Western Civilisation – M. Hobson

    Breath Eyes Memory – Edwidge Danticat

    The Sea And Civilisation – Lincoln Paine

    African Philosophy Of The Pharaonic Period – Theophile Obenga

    What have you been reading?

    Team Valour

    Another books worth checking out is…

    PowerNomics – The National Plan to Empower Black America – Dr Claud Andersons

    Team Valour

    The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey, Or, Africa for the Africans: ( – Marcus Garvey

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