From Garrett Morgan to Elijah McCoy, Madam CJ Walker and many more pioneers. Also included are modern contemporary inventions by Blacks as shown below:

Clarence L. Elder: Bidirectional monitoring and control system. December 1976: US Patent 4000400.

Patricia Bath: Cataract Laserphaco Probe for laser eye surgery, 1988: US Patent 4,744,360

George Edward Alcorn: Imaging x-ray spectrometer, Oct. 21, 1986: US Patent 4,618,380

Mark Dean: Microcomputer system with bus control means for peripheral processing devices. (IBM PS/2 models 70 and 80). He developed the 1 Gigahertze microprocessor chip at his Austin Research Lab. and holds 3 of the original patents on which the personal computer is based. He has a total of 30 patents pending. He is an IBM fellow. With all due respect to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, your inventions were originated by Mark Dean.

Dr. Emmit McHenry: created Network Solutions and invented a complex code is called the Internet’s .com where people could surf the Web and send emails to each other, which is the biggest invention of the 20th/21st Century.

Michel Molaire–Originally from Haiti, Michel Molaire is currently a research associate at the Office Imaging Research and Development Group of Eastman Kodak. You can thank him for some of your most treasured Kodak Moments.


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